Dreamweaver Icon Dreamweaver is my primary tool for building websites. It simply does a very good job of making things easier in terms of putting sites together but still requires occasional tweaks and fixes to html. Web design work usually requires that you know at least some of the basics of this WYSIWYG application.
Photoshop Photoshop is the essential tool to creating, manipulating and enhancing graphics. There is no other essential tool as necessary and as powerful as is Photoshop. I have to say that this was probably the most frustrating program that I have ever started to learn but it does the job well.
Digital Juice Digital Juice is an excellent library of video elements like backgrounds, TV graphics, music, sound effects, and tons of animations. Their video packages used to be extremely pricey but they have expanded their library and lowered their prices. Anyone who is into video, should own at least several of their packages.
Premiere Pro Premiere Pro is the video or DVD authoring tool that has tons of bells and whistles. It's what I used for many of my larger and more serious DVD productions. The Mac equivalent is called "final cut pro" or something like that...
Google Chrome

Chrome seems to have become just as accepted with other websites as is some of the other popular browsers like Explorer and Firefox. It can run slow after awhile though.

Note: You should have Firefox and Chrome installed on your PC in order to test your Dreamweaver-based website. Each of the browsers tend to treat the same site differently.
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