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11:23 a.m. Pacific Time
I was born at Children's Hospital (now known as the California Pacific Medical Center) in San Francisco, California. In late November, pre-birth complications prompted the surgeons to bring me into this world via means of a cesarean section well ahead of the normal delivery date in February. At nearly twenty-four weeks, my underdeveloped body was plagued with physical complications.

11:44 a.m.

Doctors knew they had a serious problem with me. My tiny body could easily fit into the palm of my mother's hand, although she would not be allowed to touch me. I was kept inside a protective container sealing me from the potentially harmful elements of the air or human touch.

7:58 p.m. 
My survivability during my first night of life was questioned. That night, pediatricians gave me a 50% chance.

Surprisingly, I made it through the first night, and my chances increased as I became stronger and stronger each new day. Although I eventually went home, the woes of my early arrival continued to plague me through the form of asthma and severe allergic reactions. These problems kept me very close to the hospital well into my toddler and preteen years. But it didn't slow my crazy thirst for knowledge and eager interest to get into everything that was, well, you know... interesting.

sanford & sonsNew interactive feature...
A new feature I've added to my memoir makes it more interactive. When you see little buttons like this, you will be able to press it and hear the featured audio during that year or time in my life. For example, the first episode of the TV sitcom Sanford & Sons aired on NBC during this time. Take a listen to this audio:

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