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Y2K flop
As we started getting closer to the year 2000, the threat of this apparent computer bug that I had heard so much aY2k Control Centerbout was becoming more real. The experts were basically starting to scare people and warn them that there could be serious times ahead when the

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computerized clocks rolled from 1999 to 2000. So what happened after all? Absolutely nothing! CNN kept their cameras trained on various locations around the country as the year 2000 arrived and there was no major power outage, no major terrorist attack, no major cataclysmic event of any kind. So. We all went back to sleep.

San Francisco Bar Association
Around late November, and during my employment with TCI Cable, another job opportunity came knocking on my door. A friend of mine informed me that she was looking for someone to run an office and intern program for teens. In mSF Bar Association logoy mind, I didn’t see any other answer but “yes”. But she told me to think about it of which I did and I eventually made a decision over the weekend. I started working for the San Francisco Bar Association and stayed with them for five years. This was my first time working in a modern professional workplace in such a place as the financial district of San Francisco. During my time there, I found myself taking leadership roles in places where I had Mayor Willie Brown, Public Defender Jeff Adachinever taken on such roles before. I worked with other people who required my direct interaction and personal involvement, which frankly went against my nature. With all of my previous employment, I tended to be self-driven and very independent from co-workers. During my time at the Bar Association, I had to learn to work and cooperate with many people and establish work relationships. It was a learning experience but the people there were patient, professional and supportive. I also supervised three people – a receptionist and two mailroom clerks.

I was very apDA, Kamala D. Harrisproachable and flexible. And apparently, this was what was needed at the time. Soon, my other skills started being noticed. I was being asked to be a photographer for many of the company’s fundraiser events. I photographed notables like Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco, Dick Gephardt, Senator John Edwards, Kamala Harris others. I was also asked to be a videographer for the attorneys’ voir dire exercises. I also helped jump start an internship program where high school students would work as paid interns in legal offices around San Francisco. The students were all from Mission High School in San STC StudentsFrancisco. They were also participant's of the school’s pathway program called the Law Academy. I also recruited attorneys to hire these students. Another fun part of my job was when I started working with inner city youth from Balboa High School in San Francisco. This program was called School to College and was founded by the executive director of the Bar Association, Dru Ramey, and the Chief Deputy City Attorney of San Francisco, Terry Stewart. My job was to chaperone the students on college/university tours, recruit attorneys to serve as mentors for the students. Both programs are still in operation today.

Commuting to the City
I commuted to work like thousands of other bay area did - via the mass train service called BART. I liked BART service because it was very convenient and affordable. The caveat to this was that all sorts of people used this service - ALL sorts of people. As a passenger, I never knew if I was going to be sharing my seat with someone who was emotionally disturbed or homeless. The train service was quick but passengers were unpredictable which sometimes concerned me. Soon, I grew used to BART and relied on its service for several years. I also ventured into the carpool option which I never thought I would ever do. I thought it strange to jump into the car of a perfect stranger. I tried it once and ended up doing it routinely. I even used my car give rides to other carpoolers.

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